Frequently Asked Questions About Rusk Thermal STR8 Thermal Reconditioning,aka Japanese Hair Straightening

How long can clients expect this service to last?
Thermal Str8 is a permanent service. The hair will remain straight until it grows out.

Can clients use Thermal Str8 on hair previously treated with relaxer products containing Sodium Hydroxide?
No. The hair WILL break off.

Can Thermal Str8 be safely used on clients who have chlorine, well water or salt water in the hair?
We recommend conducting a preliminary strand test first.

How long do clients need to wait before coloring the hair?
7 to 10 days for all types of color, including demi permanent. You will want to keep the hair as straight as possible throughout and after the Thermal Str8 service. You risk the chance of the hair slightly reverting if the hair is colored too soon after this service.

Can clients use heat to speed up the processing of the Part I Internal Restructuring Cream?

Why use a Rusk Ceramic Str8 Iron? Can clients use a regular flat iron?
Our ceramic Str8 Irons provide even heat across the surface, and are temperature-gauged to work optimally with the Thermal Str8 formulation and procedure.

Why is the final Str8 ironing so important when process is complete?
This final ironing puts the hair into the smoothest possible state. Over the next 72 hours prior to shampooing, it will allow the hair to further oxidize naturally into the straightest possible configuration.

Why is it necessary to wait 72 hours before shampooing, clipping, or banding the hair?

The hair will continue to naturally oxidize and re-harden into its strongest state over these 72 hours, providing superior, long-lasting results. Bands or clips could leave permanent marks on the hair.

How long do clients need to wait for a retouch?
There must be a minimum of 3 to 4 inches of regrowth to perform a retouch. This may be 6-9 months of new growth.If the hair is not curly at the scalp, every year-year and a half. The length of the hair will also have an effect on the length of time between services.

How is a charge for this service determined?
We suggest that if a salon is charging on average $45 for a half hour haircut, then they might charge $100 per hour for the straightening service. The entire process will take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. A complete client consultation is recommended, prior to scheduling the service. This will help determine the time the process will take, and will also give the client an idea of the cost involved.

Ideally, how long must the hair be to perform this service?
The hair must be long enough to fit into the Str8 iron - approximately 4" in length.

What about layers in the hair?
This procedure looks the best on 1 length hair,consider growing out your layers in the back.

Can clients expect completely straight results after the hair has been shampooed the first time?
Yes, if the hair has been given the 72 hours to completely oxidize, it will be straight.

Will the hair revert back to expose previous curl?
In rare situations, with very strong resistant hair, some of the wave may revert. In these cases, Thermal Str8 may need to be applied through to the ends when it is time for a retouch.

Can clients permanent wave over Thermal Str8?

Yes. After 7 to 10 days. Perform a preliminary test curl first. But why?

How long after the last Thio-based treatment must clients wait, before treating with Thermal Str8?

7 to 10 days, if the client is looking for straighter results. For a retouch, 4 to 6 months.

Will this process fade color-treated hair?

Yes, artificial color may fade somewhat with this process.
It is recommneded that you set an appointment with your stylist for a color glaze 2 weeks after the Thermal STR8. This has no peroxide,no lifting action and an exact shade can be used to complement your natural base color without damage.

Will this process affect the color of virgin hair?

Virgin hair may lift 1 to 2 shades.

How is it possible to avoid banding from the iron at the root?

By holding and ironing the hair at 90 degrees straight out from the head and using a continuous motion while working toward the ends of the hair. Also, avoid holding the iron in one place for any length of time.

What is the best foundation product to use on a daily basis to maintain the hair, and why?

Rusk Str8 is the best foundation product. Str8 provides added control and style memory as well as resistance to humidity.

Do clients need to avoid all types of moisture for 72 hours? (e.g.,) Steam rooms, Hot tubs, Gym (perspiration)?
Yes. Although this makes bathing difficult, the long-term results will be the client's reward.

How is the formulation of Thermal Str8 different from Anti Curl?
Thermal Str8 contains a patented ingredient "Processing Control Technology" (P.C.T.), which actively manages the chemical reaction for predictable results.

How long after a color process do clients need to wait to perform this service?

7 to 10 days.

Can clients color with high lift tint after a Thermal Str8 service?

Yes. However, doing so will affect the approach used to perform future Thermal Str8 services. The high lift process may compromise the integrity of hair.

Why Sensories Smoother Leave-in Conditioner? Can clients use any type of leave-in conditioner?
The Sensories Smoother Leave-in Conditioner is specifically designed to even out the porosity of the hair, and works synergistically with Sensories Cure Strengthening Treatment to further balance porosity while strengthening the hair.

Why Sensories Cure Strengthening Treatment? Can clients use any type of protein spray?
The unique formula of proteins and strengtheners in the Sensories Cure Strengthening Treatment infuses the inner structure of the hair, leaving the hair stronger and in better condition than prior to the chemical service. The hair looks as if it had never been touched with a chemical. These results cannot be guaranteed if other protein sprays are used instead of Cure. Rusk Thermal Str8 is designed to work synergistically with the recommended Rusk support products. Don't overuse!

When hair is covered in plastic wrap, is wrap supposed to be airtight?

No, the plastic wrap is just supposed to trap some body heat evenly from root to end for even processing.

What is different about the Ceramic Str8 Iron compared to the Yuko iron or the Bio Ionic Iron?
The Ceramic Str8 Iron creates remarkably smooth, silky hair and eliminates frizz. The even heat distribution eliminates damaging hot spots on the hair, making this iron very user-friendly.

How hot must the flat iron be?

How is it possible to avoid having the ends of the hair look frayed?
When ironing through the distal ends of the hair, gently bevel the ends under with the Str8 Iron. Be careful not to bend the hair with the iron. This will help to avoid giving the ends an upward kick

How can I pay for the service?
I take cash/checks/credit/debit cards. Credit & Debit cards are taken using Paypal, which is secure and safe. There is a $20.00 credit card processing fee.

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